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ScriptBuddy is the iOS app for anyone looking to get off-book quickly. Simply create or import a script from a document or web page, and ScriptBuddy will read your lines with you.

Check out the screenshots below to see the app in action:


  • Create your own scripts from scratch, or import an existing script from a URL or a location on your device or cloud drive (iCloud, DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc)

  • Have lines from your script read out loud to you as they scroll by on screen. 

  • Select and customize character voices for each part

  • Select your character to hide lines for your role. You will be prompted to speak your own lines

  • Forgot a line? Press the prompt button to see and hear the next few words of your dialogue

  • Add/edit/delete/merge lines and characters as needed to set your script up just the way you like it

  • Script lines can include character dialogue, stage directions, bookmarks, musical cues, and comments

  • Rehearsing for a musical? Add music tracks from your iTunes library so you can sing along.

  • Configure bookmarks to easily jump to acts, scenes, musical numbers, or character lines

  • Configure script options to allow you to decide what is displayed and read out loud

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